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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ken Ken Brochures

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Ken Ken Brochures

Ken Ken Brochures (or we called it as Pamphlet when in right way finishing) is one of leaflet categories. Brochures can be looking for more class compare to a flyer, many advertisers are prefer looking for brochures to advertised they new products, services and promotions etc. Brochures templates can be turn in to few categories such as Bi Fold, Tri-Fold,, Z-Fold, M-Fold, C-Fold etc.

Ken Ken Brochures templates can eye-catching for your targeting market place. Just a single piece paper (depend what the paper size you are used) can be turn into like Multiple (multi surface page) sheets, which mean you not need intend to look for Booklet, Catalogues etc. With lower costing but come out with higher productivity for your artwork design.

Ken Ken Brochures finishing have more optional choice compare with a flyer, and more Paper Material. Exciting is other printer brochures will only target for CMYK, but we not only for CMYK, we also have Pantone Color mean more than 4 color optional, and how single color + 4 color working together.

Business Printing Product's - Brochures Description & Specification

Printing Title : Brochures
Printing Color : Single Color, Full Color (CMYK or 4 Color), Pantone Color
Printing Side : Single Side, Double Side, Multi Sheet Per Page
Printed Actual Size :
DL (98mm x 210mm)
A6 (105mm x 148mm)
A5 (148mm x 210mm)
A4 (210mm x 297mm)
A3 (420mm x 297mm)
Long A3 (594mm x 210mm)
A2 (594mm x 420mm)
3A4 (630mm x 297mm)
4A4 (840mm x 297mm)
Printed Bleed Size
DL (100mm x 212mm)
A6 (107mm x 150mm)
A5 (150mm x 212mm)
A4 (212mm x 299mm)
A3 (422mm x 299mm)
Long A3 (596mm x 212mm)
A2 (596mm x 422mm)
3A4 (632mm x 299mm)
4A4 (842mm x 299mm)
Paper Materials :
Simili Paper 60gsm
Simili Paper 70gsm
Simili Paper 80gsm
Simili Paper 100gsm
Simili Paper 120gsm
Art Paper 105gsm
Art Paper 128gsm
Art Paper 157gsm
Art Card 230gsm
Art Card 260gsm
Art Card 310gsm
Printing Main Quantity :
500pcs || 1000pcs || 2000pcs || 3000pcs || 4000pcs || 5000pcs || 6000pcs || 7000pcs || 8000pcs || 9000pcs || 10,000pcs || 20,000pcs || 30,000pcs || 40,000pcs || 50,000pcs || 100,000pcs || 200,000pcs || 300,000pcs || 400,000pcs || 500,000
Optional Finishing : UV Varnish, Gloss Lamination, Matt Lamination, Spot UV, Matt + Spot UV, Hot Stamping, Embossing, Die Cutting, Folding, Perforation, Line Creasing, Gluing
File Format Accepted : .ai || .pdf || .cdr

Order Time Off
(only for nomal duration ordering)
Monday – Saturday Day Time (before 6.00pm)
Sunday (24 hours receive order, will count for Monday before 12pm order)
Monday – Friday Night Time (after 6pm will count for tomorrow before 12m order)

Process Duration Days
(only for normal duration ordering)
2 working days (before 12.00pm)
3 working days (after 12.00pm)

Delivery Days
(only for normal duration ordering)
1 Working Days (for East Malaysia)
2 Working Days (for West Malaysia)

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